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Shanique Ellington

Owner - Le Champ Cosmetics


Managing Director -

Mas Ready Carnival

Mas Ready is a one-stop destination for patrons desirous of capturing their Carnival Road March Experience in style! Our professional makeup artists and photographers are dedicated to transforming revelers into carnival queens, making for unforgettable memories.


Mas Ready offers a luxurious and high energy atmosphere inside the BMW Autobahn Showroom that will leave patrons feeling confident and ready for the biggest party of the year.

Overall we anticipate 300-350 customers between 20-50 yrs old for this event

With our top-tier service, deluxe makeup products, premium wine and drink cocktails, breakfast , Soca vibe DJ and other amenities, we will provide the ultimate Carnival day experience thanks to our talented team of artisans and creatives.

Jason Palmer

Owner - Ayothra Ltd


Director of Photography & Videography - Mas Ready Carnival

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